Van Gogh project

The aim of this project is to visit Amsterdam and Holland following the footsteps of Van Gogh to discover through his works the uses, customs and traditions of the Dutch.

An interactive path that includes more educational and cultural aspects, a perfect combination of past and present between the scent of paper and the speed of social networks.The project includes various phases that will be organized in collaboration with the school.

The project includes a meeting at school with the students with the organizers of the project that will lead to a first phase of Van Gogh and the Netherlands directly between the school walls in Italy. A meeting and a moment of growth with students who can ask many questions and ask for information directly from their school on Van Gogh, Amsterdam and the Holland.

The meeting will be supported by photographic material, videos, stories, anecdotes and curiosities.We will organize tutorials on the art of Van Gogh with the students and the use of social networks is foreseen.An innovative project for those who choose to involve the school and the students in an interactive training course made of discoveries and sharing.