School project: Bring your class to the Netherlands

Since 2010 amsterdam-foryou deals with school groups in the Netherlands.

We organize the school project together with the teachers to make the educational journey become the meeting of an experience with school teaching for a perfect union between discovery and knowledge.

We are in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam to give students the opportunity to understand and learn about the cultural environment of the city of Amsterdam, its history and art and culture. It is a moment of growth where the students get to know the city through meetings with the teachers of the university, a stop at the Institute of Italian Culture in Amsterdam, the continuous exchange of information between the students and our professional and specialized guides in the school project .

This includes guided and interactive visits to museums with our museum guides that take students on an interactive, entertaining museum path, full of curiosity, during which the museum will be explored and studied in an interactive way.

Each of our tours on request can be organized in English, French, Spanish.