Amsterdam-foryou food experience

Someone says that a nation is  known through what they eat,  its culinary tastes, the flavors that accompany you since you are little and that in some way make us what we are. The tour food experience will take you to discover the Netherlands through a journey made of flavors, traditional food, aromas, aroma and the spicy taste that comes from afar. Customs and characteristics of Dutch cuisine that can only be discovered at the table when the meeting with a different culture gets closer together, when we sit down at the table we are ready to take a different way of relating to everyday life.

Walking through the flavors of a food that tells the story of its people. The Dutch have been enjoying that since the seventeenth century eats I noodles since seventeenth century.

which accompanies everything with beer and local grappa, who loves to eat potatoes in all sauces but that will surprise you with excellent local dishes and grandma's cuisine mixed with modern flavors! Many Dutch cuisine for one table!

The food experience includes several proposals: "City tour food experience", street food around the city "At the table on the canal" with a traditional dinner in a historic house in the canal district with vista. "At 4 Restaurants", we eat in 4 different restaurants with 4 types of dishes for a total food experience, from starter to dessert. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner or snack with canal view to taste an Amsterdam with local flavors and a familiar view on the canals. We organize for you an experience that combines the history, the curiosities, the tradition and the taste of the products of the Dutch cuisine. In the kitchens of Amsterdam there are some historical objects that you will find during your dining experience on the canal and everything you like can be bought as a special souvenir!