Amsterdam tour between the canals

The part of the canals is the historical center, the most ancient and authentic part. The crooked houses tell the true story of its people and the Golden Age times that echoes in the splendor of the decorated roofs, the large windows and the many secret courtyards and hidden terraces. A tour to experience the true atmosphere of the city of UNESCO heritage channels.

A tour, an unexpected Amsterdam experience ...

Looking at Amsterdam from the water is one of the most characteristic things to do, the city changes shape and you will see it from another point of view.

Therefore a tour to feel really like a traveler and  to experience the essence of a people that has decided to live below the water level To make a fun tour and suitable for everyone! We have different types of boats available,  for small and large groups alike. Let’s explore! Among the hidden corners of our Amsterdam are the numerous beaches that tell the most exotic and Caribbean Amsterdam. There are many and all in the city, equipped and where it is possible to taste the flavors of the local cuisine. this tour offers you the chance to take a holiday between sea and city! Perfect for families, great for large and small group of travelers.